Break into AI-Online-Marketing: The Ultimate Starter’s Guide to ChatGPT & Co.

Online-Video-Course for AI-Beginners, 4 weeks access. 24 Topics, 5 Sections, 24 Videos.

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Online-Seminar for beginners in English language.


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24 Videos, 5 sections

Your instrucor?

Tommy Klein

Table of contents:

  1. A basic knowledge of AI
    Gain a generic basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing, including how Chat GPT and related technologies work.
  2. Using ChatGPT and AI Tools
    Learn how you can use Chat GPT and similar AI tools in practice to create engaging digital marketing content and take your customer communication to a new level.
  3. Strategic integration
    Master the art of integrating AI into your digital marketing strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and develop innovative approaches.
  4. Ethics And Data Protection​
    Raise awareness of privacy and ethics issues in the context of AI in marketing and learn responsible practices when handling customer data.
  5. Evaluating AI’s Effectiveness
    Gain the know-how to measure the success of your AI-powered marketing activities and evaluate your return on investment (ROI).


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